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Based on new material as the ferrite and ceramics, Hermerc developed a product chain from components to sub systems and integrated systems, which widely recognized from microwave and RF telecom and satcom communication and transportation security industry. 

After decade of focusing on the dedicated category, Hermerc win a reputation within the industry from some global leading companies and also by conducting the modern management systems as the ISO9001/ISO14001, cloud manufacturing and 6 sigma, Hermerc position himself as the reliable open partner for future. All Hermerc commercial parts comply with the RoHS and Reach requirements. 

Hermerc comes from the words of Hermes and Mercury, which stands for Intelligence and Communication. Hermerc holds some daughter companies and joint ventures, and there is Hermerc companies from Nanjing to Xi’an, and Hongkong, UK…for factories, design centers and service center. 

For RF telecom industry, we are more focusing on the high-end products with strength at isolator/circulator series, high-end cable assembly, indoor distribution applications; 

For microwave communication industry, we are more focusing on the backhaul market, from longhaul to shorthaul and smallcell applications, for example, the Branch products for longhaul, the duplexer and i-duplexer for shorthaul, and V/E band tune free components. 

For Satcom industry, Hermerc is very proud to offer the solution from ground station to aerospace parts and from components to testing systems as the combining networks, switch networks and double ridge networks. 

For the testing and measurements industry, Hermerc  developed the product line up to 110GHz as the calibration kits, testing accessories and general/customized testing systems, and for future vision, all general systems are cloud based. 

Hermerc also supply the transportation security products with some European leading companies and drives the company into a broad market. 

Hermerc keep big investment for design and research, from basic materials to applications, we have many patents and IPR from materials to components to systems, from hardware to software. 

We are running with a young engineers team with the help from a very experience consultant team, include some famous professors and researchers. 

Ignite wisdom to create values  

Hermerc, dedicated on the selected industry, with customer focused, and with the aggressive team, is fighting ahead his future to a new step.